Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs)

These pages are designed to help support you understand more about becoming an LLM and how to start your journey.

They provide a high level overview of what being an LLM in the Diocese means, what training as an LLM entails and what some of the LLM specialisms are.

Exploring Licensed Lay Ministry

Exploring Licensed Lay Ministries (LLMs) within the Diocese of Ely.


Selection Criteria for Licensed Lay Ministry

This page provides an overview of the selection criteria required for Licensed Lay Ministry.

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Training to become a Licensed Lay Minister

The Diocese of Ely is in partnership with the Eastern Region Ministry Course to provide training for our candidates for Licensed Lay Ministry.

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Children and Families' Licensed Lay Ministry Specialism

Detailing the role of the Children and Families' Licensed Lay Ministry (C&F LLM) pathway. Developed as a response to the needs of children and their families to be ministered to in appropriate ways by practitioners who were sufficiently theologically trained.

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