Glebe land and investments

Glebe land and investments 

Glebe is land owned by the diocese in order to provide income to pay parochial clergy. Prior to 1 April 1978 part of the endowment of many benefices consisted of glebe.

This was property which was owned by the Incumbent by right of his office. An Incumbent could retain the glebe for his own use or he could let it and any income formed part of the stipend.

From 1978 all Diocesan Boards of Finance took over management of glebe land to ensure equal parochial stipends. If glebe is sold, the proceeds are reinvested so as to provide continuing income.

The Assets Committee is appointed by the Ely Diocesan Board of Finance to be responsible for managing diocesan Glebe as required by The Endowments and Glebe Measure 1976. The Glebe land in this diocese is used mainly for agricultural purposes. It is handled by specialist agents.

The Glebe and Investments Officer can be contacted via the details below.

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