Ministry Development Review (MDR)

Ministerial Development Review: the new process

The Ministerial Development Review (MDR) process is now a 2-year rolling cycle comprising a “Year 1” set of activities and then in the following year a set of “Year 2” activities. Once a full 2-year cycle is complete (“Year 1” and “Year 2”), the process repeats again from “Year 1”.

Ministerial Development Review: the principles underpinning the process

We do not operate in isolation, but rather we operate within a variety of different contexts. Each of these contexts has an impact on how ministry is undertaken.

The Ministerial Development Review (MDR) process is designed to be broad and flexible enough to embrace all expressions of ministry and contexts, yet at the same time sufficiently focussed and targeted to ensure that ministers can be equipped and empowered in their role.

Any MDR process should provide opportunities for those involved to:

  • Review: The process of Review involves stepping back and reflecting on what has been, the joys, sorrows, and challenges. It allows for the work of the Spirit to be highlighted.
  • Celebrate: It is right that the things that are going well are celebrated. Many church leaders find this aspect difficult. It is easy in the busyness of ministry to miss what God is doing and deny ourselves (and the church) that opportunity to celebrate
  • PlanThe process of planning involves discerning where the Spirit is leading as well as identifying what is needed. In that process, there will also be an element of challenge. MDR and CMD (Continuing Ministerial Development) are closely aligned. As priorities are set, it is possible to identify what support and training may be needed to ensure the priorities are achieved.

The Reviewer and Reviewee

  • Alongside the three (Review, Celebrate, Plan) key elements of the MDR process is a Reviewer (or Journey Partner) whose role it is to listen, question, appropriately challenge and journey with individuals (the "Reviewee's") as they review, celebrate and plan.
  • The Reviewer takes the role of the ‘critical friend’ as we seek to grow God’s church through the nurturing of leaders.

Download the New Ministerial Development Review (MDR) Guidance and Associated Forms 

Forms and Templates

Both the Year 1 and Year 2 processes require the Reviewer and Reviewee to undertake some preparation work requiring the pre and post completion of certain forms and records. These are included in the full MDR pack, but are also individually linked below for ease of downloading. (Please note, some documents required in the process will be provided by the Mission and Ministry Team, such as previously completed Reviews that are personal to the Reviewee).

Year 1 Process

Year 2 Process

Download the Ministerial Development Review pack

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns after reading this updated guidance, please contact the Mission and Ministry team to arrange a conversation.

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