Over a million young people attend Church of England schools and academies in England, with 15 million people alive today who went to one. Regionally, this national church school system is overseen, monitored and SIAMs inspected by individual dioceses. The Diocese of Ely region covers a learner catchment of 1,500 sq. miles; Cambridgeshire, South Peterborough, West Norfolk and West Suffolk.

Our schools and academies serve the needs of all faiths and none and are open to children and parents from across the community regardless of background, perspective, religion or culture. They are not faith schools, but community schools. They are however part of our mission to educate children in an environment that reflects our Christian values in the communities we serve. Our schools and academies are thus very popular with parents of all faiths and none.

All Ely church schools and academies are state funded, with day-to-day operational responsibility & accountability falling to a legally designated 'Responsible Body' (such as the local authority, governors and trustees). Typically the school land and buildings are owned by the diocese and maintained by the schools.

Within the Diocese of Ely there are currently 87 Church schools and academies, collectively supporting over 30,000 parents, 15,700 learners, 2000 leaders and teachers, 1000 governors, and our much valued volunteers, clergy and church lay colleagues. The diocese currently also has two new secondary schools in pre-opening or development stage, having already created and opened 4 new schools in recent years.

Diocesan Board of Education

By legal requirement - like all diocese - Ely has a Diocesan Board of Education (DBE), served by a Diocesan Director of Education who is appointed by the Bishop, and supported by a small expert team of officers. In the case of Ely, the DDE is also Group CEO of the Diocese of Ely Education Trust (DEET), an umbrella charitable trust for education provision (including DEMAT) across the diocese.

The role of the Diocesan Director of Education/Group CEO is to oversee, monitor and organise the SIAMs inspection of all Church schools and the Responsible Bodies that run them, and represent and protect the interests of 50 diocesan education charitable trusts plus 87 school trust deeds. The DDE also fulfils some important ex-officio positions at national and local level (including statutory committees at the Local Authority) pertaining to educational delivery across the region and beyond.

Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT)

With the exception of four excellent stand-alone diocesan academies (St Bede's, All Saints March, Bourn and Buckden), Church academies within the Diocese are members of the succesful and thriving Diocese of Ely Multi-Academy Trust (DEMAT).

DEMAT was established by the Diocesan Board of Education specifically as a stand-alone legal entity and is one of the biggest academy trusts in the country (42 schools). A succesful trust, it has its own Board of Trustees (including the DDE). DEMAT also reports to the Department for Education, as the majority funding body.

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You can learn more about all our Church schools, academies and the monitoring, inspection and support the Diocese offered by following the Diocese of Ely Education Directorate link

To read more about our DEMAT click on the DEMAT link.

You can also link directly to our Collective Worship, Resources for Schools and Find a School sections on the left hand of this page.

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