Ely 2025 Resource Manual

The Resource Manual has been written to complement "People Fully Alive" and both have been produced taking into account the responses from individuals, parishes and groups of young and old.

The Manual aims to help churches turn aspirations into actions by setting realistic and achievable goals for parishes to work towards. There is support available with Rural Deans giving extra help to work alongside you.

The Resource Manual supplies an example and a copy of a Development Action Plan, which is a chart designed to help you move forward with your plans by recording what does and doesn't work within your church at present. This allows you to set out your vision for the years to follow. The Resource Manual can help us to identify strengths and weaknesses and to recognise what needs to change.

There are challenges facing us all in the Diocese of Ely, but it is hoped that we can work together to manage change, and envision a bright future by re-growing and regenerating to adapt for the needs of our community.


The Levers of Change

It Manual sets out the five Levers of Change and provides tools and exercises to help your parish grow. The idea behind the Manual is that it can be used as a tool box for inspiration, to help develop methods for growth and transformation within our churches, to support their futures over the next decade and beyond.

An independent report compiled by Judge Business School clearly indicated that there is an expectation for change right across the diocese and five 'Levers of Change' have emerged to deliver this.

  • Nurture a confident people of God
  • Develop healthy churches
  • Serve the community
  • Re-imagine our buildings
  • Target support to key areas

The levers are by no means a constraint; they are offered as suggestions to help consider ways to make your church move forward and flourish.

It is up to each parish to decide which levers are relevant to your church and to choose how to use the methods and tools provided within the Resource Manual. It is suggested that you form groups to decide how best to bring the strategy to life in your area and advice on how best to choose your group is supplied within the Manual.

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