The Lambeth Conference

What is it?

2022 is the year of the fifteenth Lambeth Conference. The theme is God’s Church for God’s World – Walking, Listening and Witnessing Together. The Lambeth Conference is a once-a-decade gathering of bishops from across the Anglican Communion.

Where and when?

Convened by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the conference will meet in 2022. Before the conference meets, there will be time given for prayer, preparation and dialogue. 

Vision and purpose

This event plays an influential role in the life of the Anglican Church  and gathers together bishops and spouses for prayer, bible study, worship and fellowship and helps shape the life of the Anglican Communion for the next decade.

Biblical focus

As the Lambeth Conference explores the theme of being ‘God’s Church for God’s World’, the Biblical focus for the event will be the book of 1 Peter. A wide range of resources have been developed for use in Bible studies, discussions and seminars.

Find out more

Please visit the dedicated website to read about the Lambeth Conference in full -

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