Being a Church School

A Church school’s Christian distinctiveness is part of the ethos of being a Church school .

The communities we serve may not all have a Christian focus, but we are here to serve all our children, regardless of understanding and beliefs.

Our tradition retains our belief in Christianity, which is shown in our schools through, love, care, compassion, trust, and respect. In our school communities we foster these and other values which form the basis for our schools’ visions.

We use the Bible to support our work and children grow up with a knowledge of the Bible as well as other resources to enable them to develop their own understanding and beliefs.

To help understand and resource our Christian distinctiveness we use the following resources;

The Church Of England’s Vision for Education (July 2016)

What should a Church school’s vision statement look like? This version also takes into account the Church of England’s Vision for Education




Vacancies in our schools

When requested we share brief vacancy details. Full details of any vacancies can be found on the individual school website. (Click the header for more details)

Spiritual Gardens

The development of spiritual gardens in our Church schools (click the header for more details)

Prayer Corners and Reflective Spaces

We live in an increasingly busy and demanding world. Nearly everywhere we go we are bombarded by noise – and your pupils may have the additional experience of having to share a bedroom with siblings – they “may never have a moment to themselves”. (Click the header for more details)

Christian Values in Your School

“Christian values” can seem a nebulous term—what are those values supposed to be?  What makes the nominated values specifically Christian, are they not universal values in some way? (Click the header for more details)

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