The role of a PCC Treasurer

The role of a PCC Treasurer

The role of a PCC treasurer is a very important one. Not only will thousands of pounds flow through the Church’s funds, but the PCC is also an independent charity, and will need to conform to Charity Commission guidance.

The first port of call for information to support PCC Treasurers should be the national Church of England Parish Resources website.

In summary, the role of the PCC Treasurer is to:

  • Receive, record and bank all income
  • Pay and record all items of expenditure
  • Keep proper books and records
  • Prepare the annual accounts each year
  • Keep the PCC advised of the financial position during the year (at least quarterly)
  • Assist the PCC in setting an annual budget
  • Provide financial advice to the PCC.

Some treasurers will also keep the Planned Giving and Gift Aid records and submit claims to the HMRC.

They may also wish and access information provided by the Diocesan Finance Department

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