Workplace and Community Chaplaincy

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy (CWC)

Cambridgeshire Workplace Chaplaincy (CWC) is a charity dedicated to supporting people in their work; wherever that may be.

Most people feel that they have a spiritual nature which impacts their daily lives. This may or may not involve a specific religion or set of beliefs. Chaplaincy aims to meet spiritual needs of people and provide comfort and support when needed.

A workplace Chaplain is very much a freelance person offering emotional support in a wide variety of locations. You can often find a workplace Chaplain in shopping centres, law courts, hospitals, football grounds, offices, colleges, prisons, farming communities… and many more locations. A workplace Chaplain aims to comfort and support when someone needs them, regardless of faith or belief their job is to offer emotional support and a listening ear when needed.

CWC's mission is to promote workplace chaplaincy and support workplace Chaplains of all faiths across Cambridge, Peterborough and surrounding areas in their work of meeting the pastoral and spiritual needs of people in work settings of all kinds.

Wellbeing support

Access our wellbeing hub for knowledge, connections, partnerships and ideas.

Wellbeing is an important subject that we feel strongly about, and all workplaces need to consider the wellbeing of their employees. We hope that you and your family, friends, colleagues and staff will find something useful.

Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK (WCM UK)

WCM UK is a national network of workplace chaplains and others engaged in connecting faith, work and the economy. 

They seek to raise the profile of workplace Mission and chaplaincy and advocate for a more just, equitable and sustainable economy.

You can find out more about WCM UK by clicking here.

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