Children and Families’ Licensed Lay Ministry Specialism

The Children and Families’ Licensed Lay Ministry (C&F LLM) pathway was developed as a response to the needs of children and their families to be ministered to in appropriate ways by practitioners who were sufficiently theologically trained.

Many of those doing this course have already worked for a number of years within a church context and are looking to deepen their own theological understanding in order to help facilitate the deepening of faith in the children and the families they work with. This training gives a sound theological underpinning from which practice can be derived.

There are two distinct routes to being licensed as a C&F LLM

The first is through a full-time diploma course (L5) at Ridley Hall, taught in modules as block weeks. As well as in-depth theological and biblical study, students complete a placement within their existing church context with on-going theological reflection.

As they progress, they are equipped to take on increasing responsibility at their sending church with courses on Leadership, Mission and Apologetics, and Discipleship. Students are awarded a Diploma in Theology, Mission and Ministry (240 credits)

A second route is training through Eastern Region Ministry Course (ERMC). This course is better suited to those who have more fixed working hours. It is taught in one of two venues-Cambridge or Wisbech or can be accessed remotely.

The course comprises a one-week summer school, six residential weekends spread out over the year, and evening classes once a week during term time. In addition it is expected that those training offer 12 hours a week to the training parish. Students are awarded a Certificate of Higher Education in Theology, Ministry and Mission (CertHE) which is the equivalent of the first year of a Bachelor of Arts degree (120 credits)

Personal Accounts

Here is an account from Ruth, who studied at Ridley Hall and is now one of our first C&F LLMs.


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