Bishop's Mission Orders

Bishop's Mission Orders

A Bishop 's Mission Order (BMO) is a new opportunity in the Church of England created by the Dioceses, Pastoral and Mission Measure 2007.

The Measure allows bishops to issue a BMO where a church planting initiative would cross parish boundaries or involve collaboration between parishes. So a BMO is not needed for a church plant within a parish but if the plant takes root, a BMO could be a helpful means to aid the plant to maturity - for example, to help it be recognised as part of the overall governance of the parish.

There is a three stage process which involves:

  • Making the proposal and initial explorations. Initial contact should be made to Peter Wood, Director of Mission and will include a visit from the diocesan BMO visitor, Ed Olsworth-Peter
  • Drafting the order and formal consultation
  • Making the order and review.

More information on BMO 's can be found in Bishops' Mission Orders: A beginner's guide. 

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