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National Burial Ground Survey

First published on: 19th April 2024

Here's a full progress report on the National Burial Ground Survey (NBGS) project within the Diocese of Ely.


Church Buildings Support Network

First published on: 22nd March 2024

Church Buildings Support Network - a new form of support for parishes. The aim is to bring together people who are involved in looking after church buildings, to share experiences and resources and provide encouragement and support.

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National Lottery Heritage Fund Supports Heritage in Need

First published on: 11th March 2024

Since 2017 the National Lottery Heritage Fund (formerly called the Heritage Lottery Fund) has gone through numerous changes. Holly Robinson, our Historic Church Buildings Support Officer, is running two Zoom sessions to discuss the changes in more detail.

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Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter - March 2024

First published on: 29th February 2024

We're delighted to release the latest Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter.


The Church Times Green Church Awards

First published on: 10th October 2023

The Church Times Green Church Awards have two objectives: to celebrate the remarkable efforts made in recent years by individuals and congregations to offset the damage being done to the earth, and to set good examples before others who might be inspired to follow suit.

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A Quick Guide to Looking after Church Buildings

First published on: 9th October 2023

Looking after church buildings is a team effort and often involves far more than people expect.

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The National Burial Ground Survey Project

First published on: 9th February 2023

Three virtual Information Webinars to launch the project are being held Thursday 30th March at 10am, 2pm and 7pm. Click here to find out more about book your place.

Break-ins at churches

First published on: 22nd November 2022

Since 1 September there have been six reported break-ins at churches in the Diocese of Ely. This news item hopes to help you prepare and prevent the same happening to your church.

Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter - September 2022

First published on: 1st September 2022

We're delighted to release the latest Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter.

Theft From Places of Worship

First published on: 18th August 2022

During the summer months, theft from church roofs can often increase because with the lack of rain, damage can sometimes take longer to notice.

The Future of Heating in Historic Buildings

First published on: 18th August 2022

Organisations and individuals charged with managing historic buildings face a significant challenge. Find out more about the Future of Heating in Historic Buildings here.

How Village Churches Thrive - A Practical Guide

First published on: 18th August 2022

A new guide published by Church House seeks to “fly the flag for rural churches” and their central role in local communities.

The Church Buildings Team

First published on: 7th July 2022

Who to contact – an update

Diocese of Ely Churchyards Training Day

First published on: 3rd December 2021

The day, held on 20th November 2021, brought together a wide range of expertise to help churches to understand the rules governing the management of churchyards, and also the increasingly important roles churchyards play in environmental sustainability.

CCT launches "Netflix for people who love churches"

First published on: 25th November 2021

The Churches Conservation Trust is launching, a new online streaming platform where people will be able to access films about church heritage, whilst helping to care for the nation's historic churches in the process.

Churchwardens National Facebook Group

First published on: 20th July 2021

Did you know there is a national Churchwardens Facebook group, set-up for Church of England Churchwardens and run by Churchwardens.

Archdeacons' Visitation News

First published on: 10th June 2021

The latest Archdeacons' Visitation News - Issue 16, Summer 2021 - is now available.

Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter - June 2021

First published on: 3rd June 2021

We're delighted to release latest Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter.

Is the cost of a new audio-visual system worth it?

First published on: 5th March 2021

This case study from the Parish Buying Team on how one church has used it might help you decide.

Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter - March 2021

First published on: 4th March 2021

We're delighted to release latest Church Heritage Diocesan Newsletter.

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