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Churchwardens National Facebook Group

Did you know there is a national Churchwardens Facebook group, set-up for Church of England Churchwardens and run by Churchwardens.

Members will hopefully find it helpful to ask for advice, share ideas and get moral support from colleagues in other churches and areas of the country. Most importantly it’s a great way to get quick answers at any time by linking up new churchwardens with experienced churchwardens. We have been very impressed with how useful the group has been and the positive way it has been received and is being used by everyone.

It is not designed to replace Diocesan Registries, DACs or Archdeacons, but to be there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to be a forum for sharing ideas, advice and for getting support and with good moderation often pointing people back to their Archdeacon, Registry or DAC when they should be speaking to them.

The group was started by a Churchwarden in the Diocese of Salisbury.

Membership is open to all Churchwardens and the group only asks that when requesting membership, the two following membership questions are answered

  • Are you a churchwarden?
  • What Diocese/ Church do you serve in?

The link to find the group on Facebook is -

Page last updated: Tuesday 20th July 2021 3:23 PM
First published on: 20th July 2021
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