Admission of Churchwardens

The Office of Churchwarden is an annual office and it is a legal requirement for all churchwardens to be sworn in every year by the Diocesan Registrar or Archdeacon.

Admission of Churchwardens 2024

Being a Churchwarden

An outline of the responsibilities of a Churchwarden, including requirements of the role and main functions.

Churchwardens' Training Day - 28 September 2024

The Churchwardens' Annual Training Day was last held in September 2023 - this page includes the presentations from the day as well as a "save the date" for the next training day which will be on 28 September 2024.

Churchwarden Training Day Thumbnail (Square).png

Further resources and support for Churchwardens

There are lots of online resources to help you in your role as a Churchwarden, this page links to some of the main sites.


Institution and Licensing Services

Diocesan templates for Licensing or Institution services.


Requirements and key functions of a Churchwarden

An overview of the key requirements and functions of a churchwarden.


Safeguarding Responsibilities of Churchwardens

This page highlights the key safeguarding responsibilities of churchwardens as identified in the Church of England guidance report "Key Roles and Responsibilities of Church Office Holders and Bodies Practice Guidance".


Selection and appointment of Churchwardens

Information on the appointment and selection of Churchwardens

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