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Metal Theft Update - please take note

Norfolk Police have reported an increase in incidents of attempted and successful lead theft at churches in south-west Norfolk.

Two churches in the Fincham and Feltwell deanery have been victims in the past month.  One of them is closely overlooked by neighbouring houses, but the thieves are bold and quick (and quiet). 

There are things you can do to protect your church:

  • The fitting of an insurance-approved roof alarm remains the only way to provide effective protection AND full insurance cover for the metal on your church roof. We can provide details of suppliers in the area – Ecclesiastical insurance publishes a list here:
  • Anti-climb paint on drainpipes has thwarted theft before.  The thieves do not carry long ladders because they can be tracked on police cameras. 
  • Security lighting can also be effective, provided the cables are not easily accessible.  A subtler alternative is to ask neighbours to keep a lamp on a timer switch in their front room to give the impression that someone is up (and ringing the Police).
  • Removing wheelie bins, ladders and other means of accessing the roof.
  • Barring vehicular access to the churchyard, chaining gates and securing hinge pins.
  • Ensuring that any scaffolding that may be up is protected by an alarm which is the responsibility of the contactor.
  • Ecclesiastical publishes a theft of metal checklist, which can be downloaded here.
Page last updated: Tuesday 10th January 2023 10:31 AM
First published on: 10th January 2023
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