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Watch the heart-warming Church of England Christmas film

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This year's Church of England Christmas film follows one person through life's journey - with a powerful invitation to everyone to come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

After two years in which the festive season was marked for many by loneliness and uncertainty because of Covid-19, churches across England are fully open and inviting people to join services and other events throughout Advent and Christmas.

The moving film follows the story of a woman who is supported by her local church through many Christmases over the course of her life – from first appearing in a nativity play as a child to growing up, marrying, seeing her own children grow up, facing bereavement and beyond.

It ends in a simple message: “Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re invited to church this Christmas.”

The advert, which will feature across the Church of England’s channels on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter, is part of the Church of England’s Christmas campaign: “Follow the Star – the Great Invitation”.

The campaign is geared towards people who might not normally – or ever – attend church. 

It includes a plain-English explainer on what to expect at church this Christmas with answers to common questions which people may be too embarrassed to ask such as “How will I know what to do?”, “What should I wear?” and “What if I do not know all the words?”.

The advert also highlights how, alongside the joy and celebration, Christmas can be a very painful time for many people, especially those experiencing bereavement. This year’s campaign includes a special “Blue Christmas” service led by The Archbishop of York on Sunday 18 December, focusing on these themes. 

There will also be prayers, reflections and an event on Christmas Day at 4pm aimed at anyone who is feeling alone as an opportunity to gather online.

Read more about what is planned on the Church of England website here.

Watch the film below.


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First published on: 7th December 2022
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