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The Lockdown Tapestries

Between March and July in 2020 the Parish Churches of Fulbourn and the Wilbrahams led a community project, creating a triptych of lockdown tapestries.

These patchwork hangings tell the story of those days: our lives in lockdown, our gratitude, and our hopes for the future.

The strange months of the first Coronavirus lockdown were scary and unusual. For many this was a very lonely time. Our churches were closed. We stayed at home. We helped each other as best we could. The tapestries gave us a way to weave together our lives to make one common story.

Squares of calico and parcels of donated fabric scraps were delivered around the villages. Though isolated, we set to work on a collective endeavour, all ages and all skill levels expressing in thread and paint their stories of the pandemic.  Then, as restrictions began to be lifted, the squares were collected and sewn together, a vibrant visual conversation, a story of our community's resilience and its hope. 

The tapestries hang here and remind us of our experience of those days. But the story of the community that made them is still being woven, still unfolding in these villages. May we live out the hope and the creative joy that is sewn into them and knit ourselves to each other for the days ahead.  Dr Rob Hawkins


From left to right: Life in Lockdown; Grateful Hearts; Hope for the Future

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First published on: 19th October 2020
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