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The Diocese of Ely welcomes 13 new LLMs at a Licensing Service at Ely Cathedral

The Diocese of Ely welcomes 13 new LLMs at a Licensing Service at Ely Cathedral

One the 5th October the Diocese of Ely was delighted to Admit and License 13 new LLMs at a service held at Ely Cathedral.

This was also a Triennial Licensing Service, (a service at which all LLMs are re-licensed every three years) so we were delighted that over 100 LLMs were also in attendance, often joined by their own Vicar, friends and family.

We also celebrated those receiving the John Hullock Award. John Hullock was a former LLM who left a legacy for training to those who had completed their first three years as an LLM.  It was also a year when we celebrated those LLM colleagues who had completed 25 years’ service in this Diocese.

Steve Mashford; Warden of Readers in the Diocese of Ely, said of the occasion: “What a fantastic celebration of Licensed Lay Ministry, with over 100 blue scarfs processing into the Cathedral. It was a great opportunity for shared ministry to have both Ordained Clergy and our Lay Ministers come together on this special occasion. We were also delighted to have both our Bishops, Bishop Stephen Conway and Bishop Dagmar Winter (our new Bishop of Huntingdon and the first women Bishop in East Anglia), presiding over the occasion.

This was also an occasion where we Licensed our first two Children and Families Ministers. A first for the Diocese of Ely. Both trained for two years at Ridley Hall, Cambridge. We are continually thankful for the support of having such a training institute so close to where we serve.

In Licensing our LLMs and welcoming new LLMs to serve, we are continuing to support our Diocesan Strategy, Ely 2025 – People Fully Alive. You can learn more about the Diocesan Strategy here.

You can learn more about LLMs here.

Our new LLMs - outside Ely Cathedral on the 5th Octeber 2019. A summary of who are new LLMs are can be viewed here.

Photo: Our new LLMs with their clergy, the Bishops and the Warden of Readers.


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First published on: 7th October 2019
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