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REACH Ely: Three new case studies published

One of the cornerstones of the Diocese of Ely’s Growth Strategy, Ely 2025, is to "Re-imagine our buildings".

The REACH Ely project aims to provide every parish and every deanery in the Diocese with the tools to be able to understand the opportunities open to them in the context of their own communities. This will help to provide a church that meets their community’s needs and gains its support, giving a sustainable future to these important historic buildings.

We are delighted that the first stage of this project has been completed and that stage two of scoping case studies is well under way. Scoping case studies consists of in-depth interviews about church buildings and community characteristics with informants from a subset of deaneries and parishes in the Diocese of Ely, supplemented with secondary information about the communities they represent.

Earlier this year the first five case studies were released and we are delighted that a further three have now been added.

For the next three weeks we will feature one case study on our various digital platforms, this week we feature the one for Elton, Peterborough, All Saints (click to view the case study).

More information on REACH Ely can be found here.

Page last updated: Friday 25th October 2019 10:05 AM
First published on: 25th October 2019
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