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Promoting your service or event on social media

A clear and simple approach to social media can go a long way to building anticipation and excitement for your service or event and reach more people.

This blog from the CofE Digital Labs team hopes to help churches think about how they might get the best use from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Topics covered in this Blog include:

Before the event

  • Put all the details of your event online
  • Create a varied content plan for social media
  • Create some eye-catching visuals to promote your event.
  • Use Facebook Ads to invite more people within your community.
  • Be ready to answer questions

During the event

  • Post live to social media
  • Go “behind the scenes”
  • Ask how can others help

After the event

  • People stories - sharing stories is one of the best ways to promote how successful your event has been.
  • Do you have another event coming up? Share it!
  • Lastly, take a moment to review how it went

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Page last updated: Friday 3rd December 2021 9:23 AM
First published on: 3rd December 2021
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