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Kigali Sunday

Sunday 18th April is Kigali Sunday, when we celebrate our link with the Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda.

The Diocese of Ely approved a formal link with the Diocese of Kigali in Rwanda at Diocesan Synod in March 2014. This followed the visit of a team from Ely Diocese to the Diocese of Kigali in June 2013.

Learning and sharing are two key aspects of our link that make it distinctive but not mutually exclusive from supporting a mission or development agency.

We hope to:

  • Share in each other's spirituality, culture and life.
  • Share in the mission of God's Kingdom together.
  • Engage in common tasks and to support each other.
  • Have an insight into and help bear each other's burdens.
  • Develop a worldwide understanding of the Kingdom of God.

You can read more about our link with Kigali Diocese here.

Intercessions for Kigali Sunday - 18 April 2021

Easter Thanksgiving for Kigali Diocese

This Easter, as a sign of our gratitude for being one of the first countries to receive the vaccine, we set up a Just Giving page so that our gifts can go directly to support the work of Kigali Diocese as they care for the most vulnerable, poor and economically fragile in the diocese. If you are able to make a donation, you can do so here.

A message for the Diocese of Ely for Kigali Sunday, from the Bishop of Kigali, the The Rt. Rev. Nathan Rusengo Amooti.


The Prince Of Peace Choir - Living Hope

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