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It's time to think about grass cutting in your churchyard

Many of you will currently be enjoying the spring flowers in your churchyard - which means it's time to start thinking about grass cutting...

General Synod have backed action to tackle the biodiversity crisis in the UK, warning that we are one of the most nature depleted countries in the world. Part of the motion passed at the end of February calls on churches to manage their land in a way which promotes biodiversity. An easy way for churches in Cambridgeshire to do this is to follow the Churchyard Conservation Award guidelines - as set out on this scoring sheet - regardless of whether they wish to apply for the award.
For those who haven't started work on the award yet, all that's required is a sketch map showing:

  • Summer flower area (long grass) which is left uncut between April and July.
  • Spring flower area (medium grass) cut in May, then again at least  two or three times before winter.
  • Short grass cut every two or three weeks.
  • Long grass not cut at all. This can be along margins, round composts  or wood piles, if preferred. 
  • All grass cuttings must be removed each time.

The Churchyard Conservation Award closely follows the work of the charity Caring for God's Acre which has produced a free to download poster to use in your churchyard, or to inspire your own designs. Their website has some excellent free to download resources. In addition, they are promoting the Love Your Burial Ground and the Churches Count on Nature week between the 8 -16 June 2024. They have lots of ideas and resources to help if you wish to consider taking part.

The BCN Wildlife Trust have also created this template,which can be amended by individual churches, to help when you are considering what to include when drawing up a management plan. Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Cambridgeshire Churchyard Conservation Award and member of the Ely Diocese Environmental Task Group, Diana Cook, is also very willing to visit churches, to offer advice. You can contact Diana on

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First published on: 11th April 2024
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