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Get your A Church Near You (ACNY) page ready for Christmas

A Church Near You (ACNY) has received more than 50 million page views already this year and 81 per cent of people who have visited were on the site are first-time visitors. This offers a huge evangelism opportunity for local churches. 

There are now more than 19,000 ACNY church editors across the country. Have you claimed your A Church Near You page yet? If not, follow the simple instructions here.

There are already thousands of Christmas events and services added to A Church Near You nationally. Have you added yours? Millions of people will use the site this December and to help them to find you make sure you tag your services with 'Comfort and Joy', as well as 'Christmas’, ‘Advent’ and ‘Christmas carols’ or any of the other related tags as appropriate. This will ensure that visitors will find the kind of services and event's they are looking for.

Making the most of your churches ACNY page, in addition to your existing parish website or Facebook page, helps those searching the internet find your church page quickly and provides you as a page editor with a wealth of materials to help promote your services throughout the year.

Find out more on the Church of England's latest blog on ACNY by clicking here.

Page last updated: Tuesday 8th December 2020 9:30 AM
First published on: 8th December 2020
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