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General Synod Elections 2021 - Informal Notice

The present General Synod was dissolved on Tuesday Monday 12 July 2021, the inauguration of the eleventh General Synod will take place on Tuesday 16 November 2021.

This dissolution will now be followed by an election for new representatives to the Lower House of Convocation (House of Clergy) and House of Laity. 

Those eligible to vote

Proctorial (clergy) electors in the Diocese are:

  • Assistant Bishops (they are not eligible to stand for election)
  • Archdeacons
  • Beneficed clergy
  • Clergy holding office in the Cathedral
  • Clergy licensed under the seal of the Bishop of Ely (including clergy resident outside the Diocese but holding the licence of the Bishop of Ely)
  • Clergy with PTO who are also members of a Deanery Synod (including clergy not licensed under seal as they have retired from full-time ministry)

House of Laity Electors are:

  • Members of the House of Laity of each Deanery Synod, at 6.00am on Monday 12 July 2021, are lay electors. (This does not include those members who are co-opted to a House of Laity of a Deanery Synod)

Further Information

For more information on the Election process and the next steps, please visit the relevant pages on the Diocesan website here.


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First published on: 7th September 2021
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