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Cyril gets his own little Christmas Miracle

An RSPCA Press Release - December 2022

An elderly dog who was found abandoned by a busy road has had his own Christmas miracle after being adopted by the Vicar of Soham.

Sweet Cyril, who is a 10 year-old Yorkie, was found dumped on the side of the A47 near King’s Lynn in November. He was rescued by a passerby and later came into the care of the RSPCA West Norfolk Branch which runs the Eau Brink Animal Centre.

Poor Cyril was a nervous and shy little boy when he first came into the care of the RSPCA - but after weeks of love and attention - he soon found his paws! And now he’s got a home to call his own after Revd Eleanor Whalley, Vicar of Soham, decided to adopt him just in time for Christmas.

Eleanor said she had started to look for a rescue dog after she lost her beloved terrier Belle who had passed away aged 14. She had been looking on the RSPCA Eau Brink’s website; and when she spotted Cyril she knew it was meant to be. After some successful meet and greets, the adoption was finalised and Cyril was welcomed into the vicarage and the parish of Soham.

Eleanor said: “Cyril has settled in so well. He is just full of happiness and he’s really enjoying himself and taking in the sights and sounds of Soham.

He’s fast becoming a little celebrity and now he’s got his new family with me and the parishioners of Soham. His first official engagement was attending our Christmas tree festival and he took it all in his stride and was as good as gold. 

He won’t come to every service with me - I think he’ll be bored! But he will attend our pet service in the New Year. Even though he’s 10 he’s turned out to be very youthful in his character - and I hope he will become a real ambassador for rescue dogs and rescue centres.

The staff at the RSPCA centre were just so helpful and wonderful and deserve lots of credit for the incredible work they do. “Anyone who has rescued an animal knows how special they are - and I hope people looking for a pet will always consider getting a rescue first.”

Carl Saunders, manager for the branch, added: “Sometimes rehoming older dogs can prove more difficult but it was clear to see that Eleanor and Cyril were a perfect match. It’s always wonderful to see a rescue pet thriving in their new home with their own loving family - but the fact Cyril will bring such joy to a large community is just heart-warming. His story is a little Christmas miracle.”

If you are considering adopting a rescue pet please visit the branch website to see other dogs and animals looking for their forever homes.

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Page last updated: Friday 23rd December 2022 10:03 AM
First published on: 23rd December 2022
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