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Children's workers and families resources during Coronavirus

Debbie Hill, Development Officer for Children & Families has collated a number of resources, particularly focussed at those working with Children & Families on a dedicated page on the diocesean website here.

There are a number of organisations and bodies offering Guidance to Churches. The Church of England’s Children and Young People’s Advisers have established a working party which cross references the three main sources of guidance to help those working with Children and Young People.

Key reference points for this guidance are the Government guidelines for places of worship, the Church of England, and the National Youth Agency’s websites. The working group have also considered how other agencies have interpreted the advice (eg: Early Years Alliance).

The Advisers have then taken a considered view of what best practice should be in Church of England Churches and produced a document, which is regularly reviewed and updated.

A link to this document and other resources children's and families workers might find helpful can be found on the "Children's workers and families resources during Coronavirus" page of this website.

Page last updated: Wednesday 23rd September 2020 8:34 AM
First published on: 23rd September 2020
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