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Cambs Deaf Church receives Bishop's Mission Order

The Diocese of Ely is pleased to announce that Cambs Deaf Church has received a Bishop's Mission Order.

Bishop +Dagmar, Bishop of Huntingdon, says:

 “[I am] delighted to sign the Bishop's Mission Order for Cambs Deaf Church with Rev Jan Smith as Leader, under the watchful eye of St Andrew, patron of mission, thus affirming the identity, mission and ministry of this church".


Cambs Deaf Church

Cambridge Deaf Church is a place to worship God, study the Bible and explore issues relating to life and faith, all in British Sign Language (BSL).

BSL is the first language of an estimated 90,000 deaf people in the UK and it's important to provide the opportunity to hear and respond to the Word of God in BSL.

The church is made up of Christians who use BSL as their first language and hearing Christians who use BSL to communicate with family and friends. 

The Church Leader is the Rev Jan Smith

What is a Bishop's Mission Order

Bishops' Mission Orders (BMOs) are made by bishops, as leaders in God's mission in their Dioceses. In making an Order, the bishop endorses and authorises the mission initiative it covers as likely to promote or further the mission of the Church through fostering or developing a distinctive Christian community.

BMOs can recognise existing mission initiatives or promote fresh expressions of church.

Further information

Below is a short video, recorded a couple of years ago, of Revd Jan explaining a little more about Cambs Deaf Church

You can also contact Cambs Deaf Church via their Facebook page here.


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First published on: 29th October 2021
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