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Bishop Stephen visits Ely St Mary's Junior School

Lent Challenge 2021 is about hope and a future. A future for us all in God’s world.

There is much in the world at the moment where hope is needed. Life seems as if it has been put on hold, but God’s love is always there for us all.

This Lent we asked all our school, children, and staff to take part in Bishop Stephen’s Lent Challenge 2021, to know that we live in hope and we live in God.

Our Church schools in the Diocese of Ely have created some amazing work as part of the Lent projects.

They have been inspired to create images such as the Rainbow Bird of Hope at Ely St Mary's Junior School, recently visited by Bishop Stephen, where each individual feather has the hope of children united in a school Rainbow Bird of Hope.

So many schools have done so many marvellous things, and to see much more of what has been done, please visit the Diocese of Ely schools website here.

Page last updated: Friday 7th May 2021 3:26 PM
First published on: 7th May 2021
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