The Bishop's Lent Challenge 2023

Live Life Full this Lent

In 2023, Bishops Stephen and Dagmar encouraged you to explore Jesus’ offer to bring ‘life in all its fullness’ and what that means for you. Then, being strengthened and protected by God, go out and be good neighbours to others, demonstrating God’s love to all.




We know it is really important to look after our minds and mental health so that we don’t become empty. We asked all staff and children to take part in the Bishop's Lent Challenge and learn how God can enable us to live life in all its fullness.

Download the full 2023 Bishop’s Lent Challenge here.

The challenge contains:

  • Ideas for Collective Worship and school activities over four - six weeks in Lent. These are for initial support and ideas, we hope each school will develop their own creative ideas.
  • Prayers to encourage living a full life
  • Resources and materials to extend learning in RE lessons
  • Contacts for further information

Feedback from Schools

Feedback from Schools who took part in the Bishop's Lent Challenge 2023.


Responses from Schools

An overview of the content of the Bishop's Lent Challenge, and some responses from Schools who took part in 2023.

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