Safeguarding Season 2022 Webinars

During November 2022 the Diocese of Ely and Ely Cathedral launched Safeguarding Season. During this week there were a series of webinars that focussed on, and raised awareness of, a wide-ranging number of safeguarding issues that affect all of our communities. This page provides access to some of these webinar recordings.

Webinar: Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Service.

Webinar: Understanding the role of the Independent Domestic Violence Advisory Service (IDVA)

Webinar:  Survivors Voices - How to be a trustworthy and trauma-sensitive recipient of disclosure and offer a safe space to be heard, seen and supported.

  • Introduction: Explore the experience of disclosure from a survivor’s perspective. By understanding trauma responses to abuse, we can identify ways to hold a safe space for victims to disclose. We’ll look at the importance of connection and co-regulation, so that we can recognise disclosure and respond well to victim-survivors.
  • Facilitator: Jane Chevous, a survivor of child abuse, sexual exploitation and clergy abuse. A writer, activist, researcher and educator, she uses her lived and professional experience to lead Survivors Voices, a survivor-led organisation which turns the pain of abuse into the power to transform society’s response to trauma. A qualified youth and community worker, social worker and lifelong learning teacher with 40+ years’ experience in statutory, voluntary and faith sectors, she has just completed an MSc in Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion. Jane is one of the survivor representatives on the Church of England National Safeguarding Panel.
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Webinar: Hate Crime Awareness 

Webinar: A Theology of Safeguarding

  • Introduction: Theology is about how we see the world – our vision and perspective in the light of Jesus Christ. Archdeacon Richard will explore how our practice has changed and yet holds the same intention as our forebears: to treat others as we would be treated by them. We will also explore issues ranging from forgiveness & reconciliation to redress & discipline.
  • Facilitator: The Ven Richard Harlow, Archdeacon of Huntingdon and Wisbech.
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Webinar: Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults who are potential victims of Modern Slavery and Exploitation

  • Introduction: Presentation by The Clewer Initiative using film and up to date case studies which will lead to a greater understanding of the church’s interaction with potential victims.
  • Facilitator: Caroline Virgo, Director, The Clewer Initiative and Helen Styles
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