Anna Chaplaincy

Spiritual Care of Older People

Older people have a better quality of life when those who care for them understand their spiritual needs and are skilled in delivering this kind of care. The Diocese of Ely offer a 'Spiritual Care of Older People' course, that develops confidence, understanding and skills in anyone offering spiritual care to an older person, supporting people to flourish in their role as an Anna Chaplain.

Working with the BRF resources, Anna Chaplaincy offers spiritual care in later life. Anna Chaplaincy ministry is an ecumenical, community-based, chaplaincy network promoting the spiritual welfare of older people, for people of strong, little or no faith at all. Anna Chaplains support older people and their carers wherever they may be – in residential care, in congregations, in their own homes and in the community. 

The first Anna Chaplain in Ely Diocese was commissioned in April 2023. Since then, Anna Chaplaincy has continued to grow. The following videos, featuring three Anna Chaplains in the Diocese, show us what the work of an Anna Chaplain might look like.

Rosey's Story

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