Life Events

Baptisms, confirmations, thanksgivings, weddings, blessings and funerals are a key part of any church’s core ministry. Although they are must-do services, they have the potential to help the church welcome new people. 

When families contact their church at one of these key moments, they often have big emotions and big questions. How a church responds is vital for establishing and building a lasting relationship.

Life events present countless opportunities to attract new people to church services, to care for them well and to maintain contact. 

The national Church of England Life Events team offers churches advice, encouragement, resources and insights into ministry around these occasions. The Diocese of Ely welcomed them twice in 2017 – once in March to deliver a baptism event, and again in September for a funerals event. They shared with us research findings, resources and suggestions for developing ministry around Life Events. Ely mission colleagues reported excellent feedback and commend this work to our parishes.


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