Living Ely2025 - Deanery Development Planning

 LivingEly2025 - Deanery Development Planning

In 2023 the Deaneries of the Diocese of Ely were invited to participate in this exercise to set ambitious, realistic and sustainable plans. 

The aim was to take stock of where they stood after the upheaval of the Covid-19 pandemic and to determine what mission and ministry was feasible and desirable within the constraints of limited resources. 

The following plans have been received by the Diocese of Ely.  We are now in dialogue with the Deaneries to support them as they move into implementation of their plans.

  • Deanery plans will be listed here once received and approved for publicatio

Further Information

The pages linked below are provided to help resource and support every Parish, Benefice and Deanery review its mission and ministry. 


Living Ely2025 - a Summary

The task of planning for the future shape of the church in the Diocese of Ely is urgent and important as new opportunities as well as challenges are presenting themselves. The process needs us to cooperate and to be mindful of our relationships with each other. We are asking every parish, benefice, and deanery to review its mission and ministry. This will require honesty and objectivity; openness to one another and the Holy Spirit as together we determine what is actually feasible and desirable within the constraints of limited resources. 

Living Ely2025 - Video Resources

Here we will add video resources to help assist parishes as they think about the future under the umbrella of Living Ely 2025.

Living Ely2025 - Downloads

Here you can download a summary version of the LivingEly 2025 support document, as well as the full guide and other materials to help support your church in LivingEly 2025.

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