Lists A and List B works

Lists A and B

Some works, mainly things which do not impact on the historic fabric of the building, can be done without consent. These works are identified on List A linked here.

Other works, including most repairs identified in your QI (quinquennial inspection) report can be done without a faculty, providing you obtain consent from the Archdeacon, via the Church Buildings Department, under List B, linked here

List B Archdeacon's Consent is managed by the Church Buildings team on the Archdeacons' behalf and in the first instance you should contact the team at or by telephone on 01353 652729. The Archdeacons' consent under List B can also be applied for using the online faculty system. Works that can be completed under List B are defined in the link above.

If the works you wish to carry out are not identified on either List A or List B, it is almost certain that a full Faculty will be required.

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