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Bishop's Study Day - Tuesday 5 March 2024

The role of Chaplaincy in the Mission and Ministry of the Church

Chaplaincy (lay and ordained) has risen in prominence with the Church of England in recent years as part of the mixed ecology of the church. For our upcoming Bishop's Study Day, our keynote speakers will explore the value of chaplaincy and how it works together with the local church. Our seminars will provide an opportunity for us to see how chaplaincy is already embedded in different ways within the life of the diocese.

Tuesday 5 March at Over Community Centre, CB24 5NW

The day will start at 9am with Coffee and an opportunity for conversation, with a welcome from Bishop Dagmar at 9.30am, Worship, Keynote speakers and Seminars.

Keynote 1: Valuing Chaplaincy: a theological reflection and a church response 

Rev’d Canon Helen Dearnley is the Anglican Faith and Belief Advisor to HMPPS, she is also the National Lead for Chaplaincy in the Female estate and in the Contracted estate. 

Growing up, she always wanted to be a lawyer.  However, during the course of her law degree Helen realised that law was not the ‘total’ answer to her questions on life.  So after graduation Helen worked for a year at St. Albans Cathedral, and HMP Holloway, before beginning theological training at Westcott House, Cambridge.  Helen served her curacy in the suburbs of Leicester, after which she became the Co-ordinating / Managing Chaplain of HMP Leicester, whilst at the same time studying for a Masters in Theology and Evangelism, her thesis focused on the different pressures Chaplains faced across the prison estate.

In 2012, Helen moved to join the Chaplaincy and Faith Services team, taking on regional responsibilities and additionally studying for a MSt in Penology, Criminology and Prison Leadership.  Her thesis focused on the role, experiences and challenges faced by Anglican Prison Chaplains.  In 2019, Helen was appointed as Anglican Advisor to HMPPS, with continuing oversight also for the female and contracted estates.

Helen loves walking, running and enjoys musical theatre in her spare time.

Keynote 2: Chaplaincy rooted in the parish: Anna Chaplaincy

Debbie Ducille is Ministry Lead of BRF’s national Anna Chaplaincy team, heading up strategic work with UK church denominations and enabling the rapidly expanding network. She brings a range of experience that includes roles in education, the voluntary sector and church ministry. She is passionate about vibrant relational life in the church, stemming from her own desire to network and connect with people and groups. She is also committed to pioneering reflective and strategic ways to think, live and act together.

Debbie and her family have lived in Birmingham for most of the last 25 years, a city she loves for its diverse and welcoming character. As well as her working roles, Debbie has long been engaged in theological studies and in her spare time, she loves to make things, cook food from around the world and gardening, all with varying degrees of success.

Seminars: How chaplaincy is already embedded in different ways within the life of the diocese

Attendees will be able to attend two of five seminars on offer:

  • Chaplaincy in Schools and how the parish can be involved and supported, Rev'd Mandy Flaherty
  • Examples of how Anna Chaplaincy works in the Ely Diocese, Rev'd Ruth Holmes
  • Chaplaincy for homelessness and how the parish can be involved and supported, Gavin Howard
  • Chaplaincy to the deaf community, Rev'd Jan Smith
  • Chaplaincy within the healthcare system and end of life care, Rev'd Keith Morrison

The day will end with a closing prayer and lunch at 1.30pm

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First published on: 5th February 2024
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